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Lifetime all-access plan

$149one time payment
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  • 102 components + all future components
  • 4 component libraries
  • 22 color themes + dark mode
  • Export to HTML or React or Vue
  • Export styles as CSS or Tailwind
  • Unlimited projects
  • Lifetime license

What's included?

You get access to every component available on our website, for every design system and theme. Just pick a component, configure, and export.


Illustration of a row of design system choices (Ant, Material, Chakra) and a row of framework choices (React, HTML, CSS)


You probably already have a preferred tech stack. Our unopinionated component kit lets you build faster with components that fit into your existing codebase.

Illustration of a code editor on the left and a rendered widget on the right, with a rightward arrow between the two items


Export code that is ready to be dropped into your project and used in production. Handcrafted by veteran web developers and built on top of popular open-source component libraries.

Illustration of three identical pricing tables, each with a idfferent color theme

Instantly customizable

Customize the look and feel of every component to match your brand, instantly. Pick a component, customize the theme in our web UI, and you’re ready to ship!

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